How to Do Fasting Diet Plan for Losing Weight

How to Do Fasting Diet Plan for Losing Weight

Fasting Diet Plan for Losing Weight

Fasting diet plan for losing weight has been chosen by many people as their ideal effort to shed some pounds. Unlike general diet that requires you to pick certain kinds of food in the meal plate at specific portion, this type of weight loss plan just requires you to manage the meal times. It is easy to follow. If you take a look around, though it is not considered specifically as a diet plan, Muslim people also do fasting. The longest time is one month long during Ramadan month. Besides that, they also do the fasting ritual twice a week, on Monday and Thursday. Today, more people also use the same term of weight loss, even they do it in different way. Celebrities and gurus start promoting the technique they used to get in shape. If you are confident with your health condition, you can use the same method of fasting.

Have you ever heard about fasting diet plan for losing weight? it is also known as 5:2 diet. this diet plan requires you fast by limiting the calorie intake. It just for 2 days, then you can back to the normal diet for 5 days. You may also hear this diet plan as intermittent fasting. This method started to gain the popularity on August 2012, reported by Michael Mosley in the BBC Horizon’s documentary. He tried to practice the diet, talked about the benefits to the experts and sucessfully shed approximately 15-20lbs within 5 weeks. Besides that, this diet plan also showed the significant improvement on cholesterol and glucose levels.

Fasting Diet Plan for Losing Weight Tips

Fasting Diet Plan for Losing Weight

Starting to follow a diet program is uneasy. Your body needs time to adjust with the changing foods intake. If you are interested to practice yourself, here are some tips to help:

•    Prepare a diary to keep records of your progress. Start by writing down the reasons, goals, struggles, setbacks and successes.

•    Prepares the ingredients and stock the needed meals in advance. It will prevent you to get tempted grabbing other foods.

•    Get supports and motivation by telling friends and families.

•    Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

•    Plan the shopping only things you are allowed to eat.

•    Stay busy by working, reading book or learning a skill to prevent yourself from snacking.

•    Make friends with vegetables that are low in calories and rich in nutrients.

•    Do not over do the physical activities when you are doing the fasting diet.

•    Keep limiting yourself to take the recommended 2000 calories per day during the off days.

•    Store herbal teas to starve off any sweet carvings.

The intermittent fasting is quite easy to do as long as you know the basic rules. When you feel like to give up, remind yourself about the reasons why you diet. Besides helping you to shed some pounds in natural and safe way, this weight loss method also works to promote the IGF-1 hormone (a normally growth hormone that causes aging) to not only grow but also heal the body. Importantly, consider your total weight before doing the fasting diet plan for losing weight.

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