How Can You Lose Weight in 3 Days?

How Can You Lose Weight in 3 Days?


Can You Lose Weight in 3 Days

If you get a question can you lose weight in 3 days, you might feel hesitant and undecided about whether it can indeed happen. However, when you can find healthy and proper way to lose weight, you will be able to realize the target weight loss in a short time is 3 days. This diet is a low calorie diet which diet program is designed for the short term. This diet program is emphasizing the balanced diet. In running the program this 3-day diet, you also do not need to exercise or strenuous exercise. With a diet program this right, you can even lose weight up to 5 kg in just 3 days.

How can you lose weight in 3 days?

With this diet program, you can answer the question can you lose weight in 3 days in a healthy way and easily. The first day of the diet program, you need the total calories by 870. In this case, you can have breakfast with black coffee, unsweetened tea or grape juice and a piece of wheat toast by peanut butter. The lunch menu you are half-cut salmon, one piece of wheat toast, and coffee or black tea. Moreover, for dinner, you can eat lean chicken meat, a handful of carrots, potatoes, and apples. For the second day, the total calories needed are 1149. You can use a single hard-boiled eggs and honey for breakfast menu. For lunch, you can eat a boiled egg, whole wheat bread and mineral water. In addition, for dinner, you can consume beefsteak, vegetables broccoli, tofu stir fry, and oranges.

The food menu is all you need for a third day will be different; since caloric needs are also different are 859. You can use whole wheat bread, hot tea, and apple as a breakfast menu. Furthermore, you can eat a boiled egg, bitter tea and a banana for lunch menu. As for the dinner menu, you can consume tuna, vegetables, cabbage and carrots, melon, and water. To optimize the 3-day diet program, you should avoid fried foods to avoid an increase in cholesterol and calories. After three days, you could consume the food menu as usual but still need to be controlled. With a diet program that you can prove you can answer 'yes' to the question of can you lose weight in 3 days.

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