Getting the Base of Fast Metabolism Diet Review

Getting the Base of Fast Metabolism Diet Review

The fast metabolism diet review is the review that discuss all sort of aspect from this diet. This diet is promoted by celebrity nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy. She launched her book and since then had managed to help hundreds of people to rev up their body metabolism and the most important of all, lose their weight. The main idea of this diet is varying combination of whole food that people must consume every day. Using varying food combination will make the body metabolism keep guessing and in the end make it work harder and faster.  There are three phases of this diet that people must repeat for four weeks in a row. Each phase concentrate on different kind of food to eat, where each phase serve its own purpose. By the end of the fourth weeks, those who follow this diet will be able to see quite a promising result and that is the reason why this diet becomes popular.


Three Phases of Fast Metabolism Diet Review

There are three phases that people must go through in this diet, and they need to repeat the phases in four consecutive weeks. Those three phases are:

•    Phase one, from Monday to Tuesday. In this phase, people should concentrate on lots of fruit and carbohydrate. The purpose of this phase is to calm down the adrenals before the body goes into the next phase

•    Phase two, from Wednesday to Thursday. In this second phase, people need to consume more protein and vegetables. The main idea of this second phase is to break down the stored fat and also build more muscle.

•    Phase three, from Friday to Sunday. In this phase, people can consume all those mentioned before, from carbohydrate, fruit, vegetables, and protein. As an additional, add some healthy fats and oil as well. The main idea of this phase is to unleash the burn inside the body.

As people can see, the three phases was supposed to do in one week and according to the rule people must do it for four weeks. This diet is actually more of a method to ask people to go back to healthy way of eating. Not only it concentrate on whole food, this diet also forbid certain kind of unhealthy food such as refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, soy and wheat.  In her book, Haylie Pomroy include the daily guideline that people can use to make sure that they walking on the right road.

Since each phases concentrate on different kind of food and it change every few days, our body metabolism system don’t have the chance to adapt to it. It had to work hard every day to process different kind of food that goes inside our body. When body metabolism goes faster, it means that our body burn more fat and it clearly help people to lose their weight. Combine it with healthy and whole food choice that people must consume, then it is clear that the fast metabolism diet review receive many good praises because it really work without have to make people go starve.

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