The Example of Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes

The Example of Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes

The fast metabolism diet recipes consist of recipes that people can follow while they were on this diet. Remember that fast metabolism die focus on whole food. There are three phases on this diet that people should go through for four weeks and they can make a good time planning all the menus way ahead. Planning the menus before starting the diet will make it a whole lot easier for people to stick to their plan. The basic recipes and menus that people should plan ahead must follow the rules on each phase and they are:

•    Phase 1 (on days 1 and 2), high glycemic intake (fruit and grains), moderate protein and low fat

•    Phase 2 (on days 3 and 4), high protein and vegetable intake, low in carbohydrate and fats

•    Phase 3 (on days 5,6 and 7), high healthy fat with moderate carbohydrate and protein intake, and also low glycemic fruit

Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes

Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes and Menus on Each Phase



To make it easier, people can plan ahead on the recipes and menus they are going to take for the next four week. Here are only small example of recipes and menu that people can follow for every phase:

•    Phase 1

The basic rule in this phase is that people should consume high fruit and grains. In this case, people can consume vegetables as much as they want, protein (from meat, fish or legumes), grains, eggs, and no fat added on the food.

People should eat 5 times a day, 3 big meal and 2 snacks for every 3 to 4 hours.

•    Phase 2

The basic rule of this phase is that people should consume more food that is high in protein and also high amount of vegetables. People can consume unlimited portion of vegetables, high source food of protein from (meat, fish and legumes) on every meal, eggs (only egg white), no grain and no fat in any form.

•    Phase 3

In this phase people can eat basically everything that they had consumed in phase 1 and 2. This is the phase of high healthy fat, moderate protein and carbohydrate and low glycemic fruit. The main difference between this phase and the first two phases is that in this phase people should consume high healthy fat when they were not allowed to do that in the previous phase.

During that time, there are certain types of foods that people should avoid completely.  Those foods include food made from wheat in all form (except from the sprouted wheat), corn in all form, dairy in all form, soy in all form, refined sugar, caffeine including the decaffeinated coffee, alcohol, fruit juice, dried fruit, artificial sweeteners and fat free diet food. Those foods are to be avoided during all phases without any exception. There is reason that stood for this rule. Haylie Pomroy, the one who introduced this diet believe that those food will slow down if not prohibit body metabolism to work more effectively. By using the basic fast metabolism diet recipes like it mentioned before, it will help people to create their own meal plan thorough the four weeks of following this diet.

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