Fast Metabolism Diet App to Keep You on the Right Track

Fast Metabolism Diet App to Keep You on the Right Track

Fast metabolism diet app

The fast metabolism diet app is an app that will help people and accompany them thorough the 28 days of Fast Metabolism Diet that they currently follow. This app will help people to go through each day without have to worry whether they eating the right portion of food according to the phase or not. It is basically an app that provide step by step of action people should follow every single day, where they can customize it based on their situation. People can consult to the app all the time about the grocery or about the perfect type of food based on the days of their phase. It also can help people to track their progress during the time, and it will make people keep walking on the right track. The app includes different features that act as a reminder for those who following the diet. Currently, this app works on electronic device with iOS platform only.


Fast Metabolism Diet App Features

Fast Metabolism Diet App

There are different features that this app has to offer and make it more functional and more helpful to those who were following Fast Metabolism Diet, and they are:

    Automatic function of portion adjustment based on the goal you have. This diet is different from any other diet because the more you want to lose your weight, then you have to eat bigger portion to make your body metabolism roar and burn more fat.

    The complete list of food type and ingredients that were allowed to consumed in each phase.  This way you won’t make mistake on consuming food that you were not supposed to eat on that day

    Menu planning. You can customize this menu planning based on your lifestyle and situation. The most important thing is that you make the customization based on the basic rule of each phase 

    “My Day” tracker. This feature will show you the information about the upcoming meals or snack, which will give you enough time to prepare it.

    Email grocery list that you can easily print or share it with friend and family. This grocery list will help you to determine the type of food that you must buy while you following the diet

    Water tracker. One of the most important aspects of this diet is water. You and anyone who follow this diet must consume enough amount water every day. This feature will help you to see whether you have drunk the recommended amount of water that day or not.

    Keep the record of your effort along the way by exporting the tracked meal data.

The app is being updated from time to time so you will see lots of improvement in the latest version. If you think that Fast Metabolism Diet is something worth to try but the whole list of food to eat and when to eat is overwhelm you, then this fast metabolism diet app could help you along the way, from the very first day until the end of the fourth week.

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