Eat More Lose More Weight

Eat More Lose More Weight

Eat More Lose More

Eat more lose more weight, is it true? Most of us think that when we eat more foods, the body will also store more fat. Such consideration is not a mistake because commonly, they who suffer over body weight are consuming too many foods every day. However, there is an interesting fact about eating more foods. Some studies found that consuming more foods not always give negative impact to our body. When we eat more in the right pattern, there will be no massive fat in the body and we will still live healthily. Health experts said that in the human body, a war is waging between the cells that make up fat and those that make up muscle. Unfortunately, it is hard to know if the muscle wins against the fat. With these five slim-down strategies below, we will get a slimmer body and earn a lean physique without starving.


Eat More Lose More; Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts

Our goal is to fill our body with as many fat-discouraging nutrients as possible. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are the best sources. Some studies found that consuming fruit at the beginning of a meal can effectively reduce calorie intake up to 15%. Eating flaxseeds and walnuts will give us more omega-3 fatty acids that helps fight abdominal fat. We must also include fruits and vegetables in every meal. To ensure that eat more lose more program runs smoothly we need to eat fruits, vegetables and nuts first.  The fiber in these foods reduces blood-sugar which leads to hunger.

Eat More Lose More

Eat More Lose More; Protein

Muscle grows with protein consumption. Every time we eat 10 to 15 grams of protein, we stimulate a burst of protein synthesis that will build muscle. When we take in 30 grams, it will last for about three hours. That is why some experts said that the important diet upgrade to lose weight is eating protein for breakfast. We just need to aim eating about one gram of protein per pound of our weight. It means, if we want to weigh 130 pounds, we need to eat up to 130 grams of protein every day. We can eat more dairy because it contains enough protein level.

Eat More Lose More; Eat Before and After Exercise

Eat more lose more fact says that eating carbohydrates and a snack before and after exercising speeds up muscle growth. It also limit the effects of Cortisol, which is the hormone that tells the body to store fat. We just need to consume carbohydrate and protein snack 30 minutes before exercising and eat a high-protein meal after exercising. The fastest way is drinking smoothie.

Eat More Lose More; Salad

Salad brings important nutrients that help body to burn fat. To get the best result, we can eat as many leafy green as we can. We can also use a dressing made from safflower oil. It is good for our body because containing linoleic acid that prevents fat storage.

Eat More Lose More; Say No to the World’s Worst Breakfast

Breakfast is a very important thing to do. Fact says that people who do not have breakfast get higher risk for obesity by 450%. What we need to do is just eating about 35% of our daily calories early. We also have to match proteins with healthy fats. If we do not have appetite for a big meal, we can eat cereal, and then bring a yogurt and fruit to work. If we really do not have interest in breakfast, we can drink a glass of low-fat milk. This program shows that eat more lose more weight is not just a myth.

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