Best Exercise for Weight Loss that Give Effective and Efficient Result

Best Exercise for Weight Loss that Give Effective and Efficient Result

Best Exercise for Weight Loss


Best exercise for weight loss is exercise that creates effective result in burning fat fast so it will not waste any precious time and money. Nonetheless, merely weight loss fast will cause loose skin that look so ugly. Therefore, the exercise should have the ability to shape the body. In addition, the exercise should give big help in maintaining healthy body. 

Best Exercise for Weight Loss that Burn Fat and Shape the Body


Commonly, each type of exercise works in a particular area. Finding one type of exercise that could give all benefits needed by the body is not easy and almost impossible. For that reason, best exercise for weight loss is commonly a combination of cardio exercise and strength training. Cardio exercise will burn fat fast and maintain heart health while strength training will build muscle and shape body. The exercise program is commonly started by walking or running for about 10-30 minutes and continued with weight training for about 30 minutes.

Exercise program should be made individually because each individual has different body condition and different weight loss goal. For example, someone who needs to lose more weight should run more in order to burn fat more. Someone with obesity is preferred to choose walking instead of running to maintain the health of joint. Someone with history of injury should careful with strength training option in order to prevent re-injury.  Older people are better to choose no strain exercise such as yoga or taichi to avoid injury.

Consultation with personal trainer is suggested to know the best exercise for you. Nevertheless, you need to understand that a good result come from hard work. Therefore, do not hope instant result from best exercise for weight loss. You need to exercise regularly at least three times a week or more if you have higher goal. That way, a nice and healthy body will come to you.