Testicular Cancer Signs and Symptoms You Need to Be Cautious

Testicular Cancer Signs and Symptoms You Need to Be Cautious

Testicular cancer symptoms

Men all over the world should be cautious with testicular cancer symptoms. Recognizing symptoms is the first attempt to prevent the deadly effects of cancer. Cancer on testicular itself could be deadly with rate of men die from it is about 11-13% off all deaths caused by cancer. Unlike the other cancer that usually occurs on older age, this one is mostly occurs between ages 15-35. Fortunately, testicular cancer is highly treatable. Therefore, every man in the world should be aware with signs of testicular cancer and get early detection to prevent the worst and increase the chance for successful treatment. 

Testicular cancer usually does not show any real pain in the early stage. The most common testicular cancer early symptom is a lump on the testicle. The lump could be very small in just a pea-size and mostly only occur in one testicle. Since the lump is usually painless, self-examination is required for early detection. The recommended self-examination is once a month. The self-examination is very simple and may only take three minutes by trusting your hand to roll on each testicle and feel if there is any lump. Do it after shower when the scrotal skin is in relaxed condition so it would be easier to fell the different. 

Although the most common symptom, some patients do not experience testicular lump but experience swollen testicle instead. Then, the patients also experience different symptoms due to the growth of cancer. The other testicular cancer symptoms are including scrotum enlargement, the feeling of heaviness in the scrotum, discomfort in testicle/scrotum, dull ache or discomfort in the groin, breast enlargement, lower back pain, collection of fluid in the scrotum, and swollen lymph nodes. In addition, there is also testicular cancer sign in boy that is early puberty. This symptom is caused by the sex hormones made by the cancer. 

Since different person may experience different symptoms, you need to be aware with the changes in your body. It would be better to go check yourself to doctor if you experience one or more symptoms especially typical symptoms of testicular cancer such as testicular lump and swollen testicle. However, those symptoms do not mean you definitely have testicular cancer. A lump does not always malignant and one testicle slightly larger that the other could be normal. Always check with doctor to know the truth. Be cautious with testicular cancer symptoms is important but do not over reacting.

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