Know the Common Mesothelioma Treatment Options and Their Benefits

Know the Common Mesothelioma Treatment Options and Their Benefits

Mesothelioma treatment options are sometimes not known by mesothelioma patients. To be able to cure mesothelioma cancer, the patient needs to see  the right mesothelioma doctor so that they do not need to have complications due to the mishandling of the disease. There are several measures taken to cope with mesothelioma. The popular method patients can take are: chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy.

Mesothelioma Treatment Options


In many cases mesothelimia cancer, after surgery, only 1 in 5 people who had recovered from the disease. There are two ways that can be performed by a surgeon in performing surgery mesothelioma. The first is removal of the cancer that attaches to the patient's lungs maxima, or the second by removing the lung itself. Mesothelioma surgery requires a long time and have a risk of severe complications. By removing the lungs and followed by postoperative radiation therapy, these methods experienced many successes.

Only younger patients are allowed to undergo this surgery. In addition, the patient must be in a really healthy without having any other inherited disease that can be life threatening when the actual operation is done.


Healing methods with chemotherapy mesothelioma is one of the many mesothelioma treatment options taken by the patient. Chemotherapy can be done with oral medication or using an infusion to kill cancer cells in the patient's body. This method may not yet proved the most potent cure mesothelioma, but can increase a person's lifetime so that it can be concluded bring benefits to patients. Some treatment is also done in conjunction with chemotherapy to reduce pain and increase the quality of life of patients. However, if the patient can not survive with treatment conducted simultaneously, the doctor will provide the first treatment. Sometimes the doctor will provide a direct infusion into the patient's chest. This procedure is called pleural chemotherapy.


Method of radiation treatment is the most important part to cure mesothelioma. Because the cancer suffered is located very close to the lungs, this treatment is very difficult to do to minimize the cancer. The medical world has found a new method to be more precise about the target in the lungs of patients that IMRT or Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy.

At this time many experiments were conducted with various methods to cure mesothelioma. Government conducted a lot of research and bring in volunteers from many nations to find new treatments. From first efforts to find drugs that can kill cancer cells effectively to drugs used for chemotherapy, in order to minimize the risk of mesothelioma sufferers side. Some medicines may cause side effects such as loss of immune or killing cells that are useful for the body. If you are one of mesothelioma and asbestos affected disease patients, it is important to make research and conclude which method can be one of mesothelioma treatment options.

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