Cancer of the Uterus, Women Should Beware

Cancer of the Uterus, Women Should Beware

Cancer of the uterus or uterine cancer is something that women should beware because millions of women were diagnosed with this cancer and some of them died. You should pay attention to the signs of your body and find out whether you have abnormal vaginal bleeding or smelly discharge as the two common symptoms of uterine cancer. Although those signs could be the symptoms of other condition, you need to consult with doctor to know what exactly happen to your body. Early diagnose is important because it could increase the chance of survival.

Cancer of the Uterus

This cancer has two main types. The first one and the most common uterine cancer is endometrial cancer that begins in the endometrium or the lining of uterus. Endometrial cancer is count for about 75% of total cancer of the uterus. The second and rare form of uterine cancer is uterine sarcoma. This cancer occurs in myometrium, the muscle tissue of uterus. As the cancer develops, it may spread to other part of the body. 

To diagnose uterine cancer, several tests may take place. The common tests to be done when doctor suspects uterine cancer are physical examination, transvaginal ultrasound, blood and urine tests, hysteroscopy and biopsy. After doctor find out the cancer, the treatment may begin. The most common treatment for cancer of the uterus is surgery to remove uterus and cervix. This surgery is mostly performed when the cancer has not yet spread to other body part. The other possible treatments for this cancer are including radiotherapy, hormone treatment, chemotherapy, and palliative treatment. If the cancer has spread, doctor may need to perform other treatment. 

How to Prevent Cancer of the Uterus

Because uterine cancer could become so serious and even lead to death, women should be very careful. Unfortunately, doctors have not yet known the cause of uterine cancer so it is almost impossible to prevent it. What women could do is minimizing the risk factors of cancer of the uterus. You need to maintain healthy weight and maintain your overall health by having healthy lifestyle. Then, you need to be attentive about condition of your vagina. If you find abnormal vaginal bleeding and abnormal watery discharge, see doctor immediately.

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