What Is Mesothelioma?

What is mesothelioma?

Do you wondering what is mesothelioma? Mesothelioma is form of cancer that rare to see and includes to the aggressive cancer types. The cancer itself develops in the lungs lining or in abdomen. The causes of Mesothelioma are asbestos and until this day, the cancer has no cure and poor prognosis. As natural occurring mineral, asbestos is used to fire and heat resistant properties. There are some countries that limited the use of this product contain as the danger for the material. The material can still found in worksites, school, old homes, and public buildings.  The other factors that also contribute to this disease risk are:

•                     genetic factors

•                     raditation

•                     carbon nanotubes

•                     Exposure to minerals that content with similar asbestos like such as zeolite or erionite.

what is mesothelioma

There are about 3000 case of what is mesothelioma that occurred in a year in US. Most of them, are cases as the sufferer are work in places where it has exposed with asbestos.  Most of people are suffering pleural type where it form in lungs, but it also can form in abdomen or in heart lings. There are three types of mesothelioma that need to know for those who want to know what is mesothelioma.. The first is Pleural mesothelioma where it located in lung lining. There are recent studies that shows there are any improvement in treatment method and the rates of survivor. The second type is peritoneal mesothelioma that affects to abdominal cavity. The treatment for this mesothelioma type is combination between heated chemotherapy with surgery. The third type is the rarest mesothelioma, pericadical mesothelioma where the mesothelioma is developing in heart lining. This becomes the hardest mesothelioma to treatment as it located in the most sensitive part of human organ.

The mesothelioma Cancer is able to form in 20 to 50 years after the exposure from asbestos. Asbestos causes complex health complication for those who work in activities with asbestos material containing and the fibers are released into air. When the microscopic fibers are inhaled or swallowed by human who work in this area, the body actually will struggle for rid of the fibers. However, as they involved into body as it still amount of numbers of fibers that trapped in our body, the fibber than trigger biological changes that will causes health problem such as inflammation, scar, and genetically damage that can lead into cancer. The latency period is the lengthy period in asbestos exposure into sufferer diagnosed with cancer.

The mesothelioma staging is considered into four stage and determined into TNM (Tumor, Lymph Nodes, Metasis) system. In the stage 1, there is mesothelioma tumor where it’s located in just one area and it is not spread into other body area and it develop into what is mesothelioma called.

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