What is Cancer Of the Blood?

What is Cancer Of the Blood?

Cancer of the blood - Many people assume when someone is bleeding such as nosebleeds or bleeding gums with enough intensity, it could be one of the symptoms indicate the presence of cancer of the blood. The presumption can be true or not. However, one of the symptoms of blood cancer is bleeding that often occurs with the causes of the bleeding unclearly. if this not occur with other causes such a body condition that fatigue or other disease indications, then this could be a symptom of other diseases and not blood cancer. This cancer can be any cancer cells in the body to attack the bone marrow so that this condition can make marrow tissue damage to the bones and the production of white blood cells will be increase. When the white blood cells in the body have a disproportionate number with the number of red blood cells, it certainly can cause problems.

Cancer of the blood

Characteristics and Type of Cancer of the Blood

Characteristics and symptoms of blood cancer are actually quite difficult to be clearly identified because of these traits look similar to the symptoms caused by other viral infections. At the beginning of the emergence of cancer of the blood, a patient will usually experience an increase in temperature of the body such as the emergence of a fever. Fever is also such as that experienced when a person experiences a general viral infection. In addition, the blood of cancer patients actually suffers from respiratory problems that make sufferers experience problems sleeping patterns and night sweats. Though he was sweating in large amounts, the body will shiver as it does when he is in a lower room temperature.

Other symptoms indicated cancer patients this is the emergence of digestive disorder in which the patient will experience decreased appetite, nausea, and vomiting. Lower resistance can also occur because of an attack cancer cells. A patient with cancer of the blood is usually also experience red spots on the skin surface to bruise like impact. These symptoms will be growing when the patient's condition became worse where swelling of the liver and override.

Blood cancer also seems to be not only one type of course but there are several types that you should understand as mielogen leukemia, chronic leukemia lymphatic, mielogen chronic leukemia, and leukemia lymphatic. Each type of blood cancer has diverse characteristics and symptoms. Therefore, when you feel some of the symptoms that lead to cancer of the blood, you should immediately see to get more treatments.

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