What is Breast Cancer: a Brief Explanation

What is Breast Cancer: a Brief Explanation

This article would like to talk about what is breast cancer, the leading of health crises for most women who are living in the United States of America. Perhaps not much women is aware of the disease as they tend to ignore a fact that one of eight women could possibly diagnosed with breast cancer. Therefore, it is critical for women to learn much more about breast cancer. The cancer starts when the breast cells start to grow uncontrolled. At first the cells form a tumor which can be seen through an x-ray. That tumor becomes cancerous if it spread to other parts of the body or invade surrounding tissue.

What is Breast Cancer

Understanding what is breast cancer

When talking about breast cancer, people should learn that the cancer can begin in the ducts, a sort of pipe that carries milk to the nipple. However, the cancer may also start from different parts of the breast, as there was a case that shown the cancer which occur first in the glands that produce milk. What is breast cancer also involve other information, through which women need to learn another fact: the cancer can cause a lump in the breast. However, not all types of breast cancer do that. Moreover, there are also several symptoms of breast cancer that should be watched. And if they appear, it would be better for you to report to doctors or specialists.

The following list will tell you a lot about symptoms of breast cancer:

1)    The breast-skin started to flake, scale, or peel
2)    Breast changes are visible, including their shape and size
3)    The nipple may become inverted or sunken
4)    One of the nipples may contain blood or has a discharge
5)    A lump in a breast
6)    Thickened tissue in certain area of a breast

There are few steps to be taken by women who want to help their body to stay healthy as long as possible. Steps including limiting alcohol, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and eating a balanced diet, are good and may help you reduce the risk of having breast cancer. In general, if your body has developed breast cancer, don’t think it is your fault. It’s not everyone fault. Feeling guilty won’t help you getting better and most importantly, isn’t productive as well.

It would be important for women to learn much more about what is breast cancer, along with these symptoms, so that they can consult to doctor immediately after one or two of these have appeared.

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