Vegetarian Bowel Cancer Risk Could be Reduced or Increased?

Vegetarian Bowel Cancer Risk Could be Reduced or Increased?

Vegetarian bowel cancer risk - One of the reason why some people decided to choose vegan path as their lifestyle is because there are a lot of health benefits from this lifestyle. One of them is lowering the risk of bowel cancer. Is it true that vegetarian bowel cancer risk has a significant relation? Actually, there are some factors you should aware of before you decided to choose the vegan path such as:

•    It is important to consume variety of foods since each food has its own certain nutrients that required by body.

•    Though veggies are also rich of nutrients but some nutrients essential for our body found in meat products.

•    Discipline and strict diet is required if you are choosing vegan path to make sure your body got all the nutrients.

•    Those are some important factors you should know because though vegan diet could reduce the risk of bowel cancer but the lack of some nutrients could increase the risk as well.

Vegetarian bowel cancer risk

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Vegetarian lifestyle means you should avoid all meat products. However, there are two types of vegetarian, first those who are only eating veggies and second those who are still combining the veggies with fish or seafood. The lack of meat is the reasons why vegetarian lifestyle could lower the risk of bowel cancer because red meat is one of the main factors that could cause this cancer. That why vegetarian bowel cancer risk is relatively low if it is compared to those who are not vegetarian.

However, the risk is even lower in those vegetarian who are also consuming fish. Why? As mentioned above, the lack of some nutrients are also able to increase the risk and the lack of calcium could increase the risk of bowel cancer as well. As we’re all already know dairy foods are the highest source of calcium. So, without which vegetarian bowel cancer risk is increased. Fortunately, the lack of calcium could be replaced by omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin D mostly found in fish products. That’s why vegetarians who are still consuming fish have lower risk.

All kinds of lifestyle are good for your health as long as you consume your food in appropriate amount. Bowel cancer is not only about your lifestyle but much more about how you maintain your daily diet. The vegetarian bowel cancer risk could be reduced but if you’re not smart enough to maintain your daily diet, the result could be the opposite.