The Signs of Cervical Cancer: Importance for Knowing

The Importance of Knowing the Signs of Cervical Cancer

Signs of cervical cancer - Based on the latest study, cervical cancer is one of the cases that caused the death of women everyday after breast cancer. The unfamiliarity of the signs of cervical cancer is one of the reasons behind those deaths. As a woman surely it is your job to learn more about your sensitive organ. Meeting your doctor regularly to do the Pap test is one of the ways to prevent the development of this cancer as well as other types of cancer. Fortunately, the recent years of studies also have shown that the number of death caused by this cancer is significantly reduced every year. It is due to the rate of women awareness toward their health is also increasing.

Signs of cervical cancer

What is the Signs of Cervical Cancer?

The signs were there but some women prefer to take it for granted as long as those signs were not affecting their daily activity. Well, it is the time for you to aware of how significant those signs are. Below is the list of main signs of cervical cancer:

•    Irregular bleeding in the vagina. It means even if you’re not in your period time, the bleeding is still coming
•    Unpleasant odor in the vagina
•    Pelvic pain
•    Pain during sex
•    Urination problem

Those are the main signs that you should aware of though some small signs like problem with defecting and swelling legs are common to occur as well. Once you feel those five main symptoms, don’t waste your time any more but meet your doctor immediately to consult your condition.

Though according to the recent studies, the number of cervical cancer is seldom to occur in the young age. The signs of cervical cancer mostly occur in the women age 50 plus though the importance of prevent the signs to occur in the early age is highly recommended. Pap test is one of the ways to prevent it and also healthy diet and life habit have significant role as well.

One important to note is that the survival chance of this cancer is relatively high which means there is always hope for a cervical cancer patient to survive from this condition. If it is diagnosed in the early stage, don’t panic because the survival chance could read 92% but it is better to prevent it than to cure it. That’s why learning more about signs of cervical cancer and aware of the symptoms could save thousands of life.

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