How much small cell lung cancer prognosis?

How much small cell lung cancer prognosis?

How much the rate for small cell lung cancer prognosis? Lung cancer is cancer that starts aggressively into in uncontrolled manner. This cancer affect any part of lung and this cancer has become the leading cancer death causes in United States, China, and Canada. There are two types of lung cancer that are small cell lung cancer or called with SCLC and also known as oat cancer and non small cell lung cancer or known as NSCLC. There is about 15% of small cell lung cancer case from entire lung cancer case.  There is different condition and prognosis from small cell lung cancer with non-small cell lung cancer. There is:

•                     small cell lung cancer is grows rapidly rather than non-small cell lung cancer. The development from symptom into diagnosis is taken time about 90 days or less.

•                     The spreads from small cell lung cancer is faster. From 67% patient with small cell lung cancer, they spread the cancer outside the cancer lung time from the initial diagnosis.

•                     Small cell lung cancer has good responds to chemotherapy treatment and radiation and high energy rays. This treatment is purposes for kill the cancer cells.

Small cell lung cancer prognosis

Small cell lung cancer is caused major from tobacco smoking.  The small cell lung cancer is most related into smoking rather than non-small cell lung cancer. The secondhand smoker also has higher risk for small cell lung cancer. The entire type of cancer lung is increasingly with people in mine uranium and small cell lung cancer is the most common.  There are other risk factors from people that exposure with mineral contains with asbestos. People who exposure with asbestos has 9 times small cell lung cancer prognosis higher and the risk is increasing 50% when they are smoker to get small cell lung cancer. When people experience with these several symptoms then it is better for them to get doctor meet. Small cell lung cancer typically appears the symptom in relatively short time about 8-12 weeks before the patient feel they need to meet the doctors.

The symptom from small cell lung cancer can appears from tumor that growth in local, spreading into closer areas, and spread distance, and the combination from them. The symptom from local growth tumor are includes persistent cough, blood coughing, shortness breath, and chest pain that worsening with deep breath. The symptom when the cancer spreads to nearest areas includes the hoarseness voice, shortness breath, difficulty of swallowing, and swelling in face and hands. The symptom that caused by distant cancer spread in the site cancer is depend to the area where it spread. For example Cancer that spread in brain can cause headache, vomiting, blurred vision, and limb weakness. The vertebral column spreads can cause pain in central back. Spread cancer in bone can cause bone pain, in spinal cord can cause paralysis, and in liver can causes pain in abdomen in right upper part. The symptom can be use for earlier small cell lung cancer prognosis.