Learn More about Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate

Learn More about Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate

Once your loved one is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the next question that pops up in your mind is probably the pancreatic cancer survival rate. It is true that intensive treatment and great doctor is what you need to deal with cancer case but hope is also important. Hope will provide you the motivation you need and by knowing the chance of survival will give you the hope. However, before we find out about it is better for you to learn a bit about what pancreatic cancer is.
Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate

What is Pancreatic Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate?

What is pancreatic cancer? It is type of cancer that develops inside the pancreas organ. Before we find out more about pancreatic cancer survival rate learn about the function and how fatal this cancer is also important. The function of pancreas itself is very important. It has significant role in making sure your digestive system under controlled by producing a certain enzyme that will assist in breaking down the food, without which nutrients cannot be absorbed optimally and body will suffer from mal nutrients. The second significant role of pancreas is to produce insulin which is prominent in controlling blood sugar level. Once cancer developed in the pancreas, those two prominent role will be disturbed; digestive track will be disturbed because a certain enzyme cannot be produced to break down the food and the insulin cannot be produced which will lead to diabetes type 1 whereas the excess glucose in the body cannot be processed without insulin. Diabetes itself is an entirely new problem to face but it is one of the effects that could occur if pancreas is no longer able to produce the insulin required.

So how does about the pancreatic cancer survival rate? The chance is actually based on the stage of the cancer. The advance the stage is the low the rate is. It is actually very common in cancer case but in pancreas cancer the rate could be lower since the function of pancreas is very essential. Under one year stage the chance could be more than 20% but when it comes to five year stage the survival rate will be as low as 6 %.

Fighting with cancer means you have to fight with time. Once the cancerous cells have affected the other organ and then the new problems will occur and should be dealt with. Even the function of pancreas itself has affected the pancreatic cancer survival rate to be relatively low once the cancer is developed.

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