Join Mesothelioma Applied research Foundation

Join mesothelioma applied research foundation

Joining with mesothelioma applied research foundation is giving much benefit for charity and sharing with other mesothelioma patient. Mesothelioma cancer is cancer that rare and till the day it stills no effective treatment to cure. The mesothelioma applied research foundation is non-profit organization that dedicated into mesothelioma help. The foundation funding the research for ending mesothelioma, give education to patient and families member about what is mesothelioma and help the patient with advocate research. There are many programs that work and dedicated for mesothelioma patient and families such as patient travel grant program. The background from the foundation is due to mesothelioma disease that emotionally rollercoaster experience for the patient. Most often, it also takes massive amount of financial for them to treatment and medications.  

Mesothelioma Applied research Foundation

Treatment for mesothelioma need expert that have experience in handling mesothelioma case. As there is limited number of mesothelioma doctors, limited number of mesothelioma centers and access there are program from them for taking the patient of mesothelioma for consult with the expert. The patient of mesothelioma will have greatly benefit when they are consulting with the experts as they can take advice for taking right treatment, financial management and even for the legal representation when they need to ask claim from the past company where they work where they are exposure with asbestos that most common become the causes from mesothelioma. The program of patient travel grant will give the patient with financial assist for the facility they give.  For follows the program mesothelioma applied research foundation, they should qualified with some criteria below.

•                     The patient need travel for meet with the mesothelioma expert and cannot afford for the meeting due to financial lack and therefore they need to give assistance.

•                     The patient requires new option for treatment or any clinical test, and they need to travel for accept the expert consultation

•                     The patient involved into treatment that dedicated for mesothelioma clinical trial and they need to travel to meet with the practice. In this case, the visit will be covered as new application.

As it is stated that mesothelioma is rollercoaster and it has isolated the patient from out world. There is big challenge for the family members and patient for survive in this disease. They need to prepare and manage to everything that they need to expense such as time and cost. With the mesothelioma applied research foundation, they are able to give advice and suggestion for the mesothelioma financial resources meet and consult with mesothelioma experts, and many more. The meso connect and supports groups will help the patients feel they are not alone and people can share their experience about mesothelioma. All of it is available in mesothelioma applied research foundation for better mesothelioma life.

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