Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center for Cancer Studies and Treatment

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center for Cancer Studies and Treatment

Fred Hutchinson cancer research center - One of the reasons why the death caused by cancer is progressively decreasing every year and the chance of survivor is increasing is because of the number of researches conducted by scientist. One on the list is Fred Hutchinson cancer research center. This research center was initially established in Seattle in 1972 but the foundation has been started since 1956 with William B. Hutchinson as the founder. In the early years, the research is not only focusing on the cancer studies but also heart and endocrine system diseases. However, Fred Hutchinson, Mr. William B. Hutchinson’s brother had died of lung cancer at the age 45 and since then the studies are focusing on cancer research though still conducting other disease researches as well.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

The Contribution of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Since the first year this research center was established there are a lot of contributions have been offered. Some of them are the three Nobel Prizes received by their world class scientist for their remarkable researches on medical and physiological studies such as:

•    Olfactory system research received by Linda Buck, Ph.D in 2004
•    Bone narrow transplantation received by E. Donnall Thomas, M.D in 1990
•    Mechanism to control cell division received by Lee Hartwell, Ph.D in 2001

Those are the three main achievements of Fred Hutchinson cancer research center but those are not the only achievements. There are more researches and papers that have been published and widely used by scholars to learn more about cancer.

Fred Hutchinson cancer research center has been working out directly with the cancer patients in order to conduct the most recent and up to date studies about cancer and they become one of the recommended research center to come in United States when it comes to cancer condition. It is true that cancer is not an easy condition to deal with but with a knowledge that there a bunch of scientist that are eager to work on the research will give you some peace of mind.

So far for greater studies of cancer, this research center is also cooperating with external institutions like universities, hospitals or other biomedical research institutions. For the sake of research they are not afraid of doing technology transfer as part of the research studies and because of that many lives have been saved. For further information about Fred Hutchinson cancer research center you can contact them directly or do some further researches in their official websites. There is more information available there about this research center for you to find out.