Breast Cancer Research: Learn some Facts Related to the Disease

Breast Cancer Research: Learn some Facts Related to the Disease

According to some statistics that have been produced by breast cancer research, the disease has become health crises particularly for women in the United States of America. The research isn’t likely talk about such as fact only, but also some other facts like stage of breast cancer, for example. However, before we get into that, we also need to know about early, secondary, and locally advanced about breast cancer. In early breast cancer, the disease won’t be spread beyond of the lymph nodes or breast in the armpit. Basically, early stage of breast cancer is commonly referred to as tumor and it is not spread to other parts of body.

Breast Cancer Research

From Breast Cancer Research: Learn About Staging

Before we get into staging of breast cancer, let’s talk about statistics related to breast cancer:

1)    Over 2.8 million women in the USA have a history of breast cancer. The number includes women who have had treatment and women who are currently receiving treatment.

2)    From races perspective, Native-American, Hispanic, And Asian women are low in term of dying and developing from breast cancer. However, under 45 years old, African-American women were proven to be more vulnerable to breast cancer. The disease is more common in them.

When people talking about secondary breast cancer, it means the disease is in stage 4 and has spread to other organ within the same body, such as bones or liver. Breast cancer research also mentioned locally advanced breast cancer, which means that the cancer may be bigger (more than 5cm), can be seen in the armpit area particularly in the lymph nodes, and grow into the muscle or skin of the chest.

However, the latter doesn’t mean that the cancer has spread to another organ within the same body. It grows bigger but not spread, and this is the point of “locally advanced”. There are a few stages of breast cancer and they all divided into three main stages followed by many sub-stages:

1)    T stages: It consists a few stages, including TX, Tis, T1, T2, T3, and T4
2)    N stages (nodes): It consists a few stages, including N3, N2, pN1mi, N1, ITCs, N0, and NX
3)    M stages (metastases): It consist a few stages, including M1, cMo (i+), and M0.

The detailed information related to breast cancer can be obtained easily through some of breast cancer research spread around some countries in different continents.

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