Breast Cancer Foundation: A Brief History

A Brief History of Breast Cancer Foundation

Firstly founded in 1991, the National Breast Cancer Foundation was initiated by Janelle Hail, one who was also known as breast cancer survivor. Back to 1990, year when Janelle was diagnosed with the disease, there was also little information related to breast cancer. There were only few options left and most patients with breast cancer were forced to make a decision. After finished with the treatment, Janelle start educated women around the world about the cancer and how an early detection became important right now. Breast Cancer Foundation provides inspiration and hope for those living with breast cancer. The organization provides support service, education and early detection for women.

Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast Cancer Foundation Program

Information regarding breast cancer became vital today, as there are many women who need some sources of information that helps them to be aware of the disease. Act of prevention, then, should be important today. The foundation usually provides of the various information regarding breast cancer. Information may include but not limited to “your diagnosis”, “understanding breast cancer”, “testing and screening”, “types of breast cancer”, “treatment & side effects”, “day-to-day matters”, “lower the risk”, and much more.

In the United States of America alone, breast cancer is the leading of health crises, particularly for women. According to statistics, about one among eight women got a chance of having breast cancer. There is no cure for such cancer, so an early detection became a must and critical for patients. The foundation provides free mammograms to women, which available in all 50 states within USA region. Such thing has spread through their network of hospitals. The foundation has realized that percentage of insured women and healthcare costs have been increased. Consequently, many women cannot afford the screening tests. This is exactly a reason that answers why breast cancer foundation provided such free mammograms.

To fulfill its mission, the foundation offers many things aside of free mammograms. Most of their programs are free and innovative as well. Their programs include breast health awareness, early detection plan, beyond the shock, and national mammography program. The foundation also gives an opportunity for people to become donors. Breast cancer foundation which was founded by Janelle has been developing as one of institutions that can help women in lowering high risk of dying due to late diagnosis of breast cancer.

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