Young Person Has High Risk to Get Colon Cancer

Can a young person get colon cancer - Colon cancer is one of dangerous cancer that you can have. This cancer is one of three most common cancers you can find today. And, the worst of all, if you don’t treat it as soon as possible, it can cause death. Mostly, colon cancer case occurs on people within age of 50 years or more. However, there are many people ask, is there any possibility that people with younger age than that can get this cancer

Can a young person get colon cancer

Can a young person get colon cancer?

According to the research from scientist from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, there is significantly increase in the amount of case of colon cancer that occurs on people with younger age. They looked data from the people that have been diagnosed suffering colon cancer between 1975 until 2010. From this data, they have found that there is 1% increase on the amount of case of young people that has colon cancer every year. By using this data, they come into conclusion that by 2030, the percentages or risk of younger people (20-34 years old) get risk of colon cancer will increase up to 90%. So, by looking at this data, can a young person get colon cancer? The answer unfortunately is yes. And, that’s not all. They also found that there is also increase in rectal cancer case in similar younger age range, which reach 124.2% by 2030. 

With this data, now, many researcher and scientist try hard to find the potential causes as well as external influences to prevent or at least decrease this percentage. One of the methods that they use is the screening. Most of young people aren’t aware about the importance of detecting the colon cancer, since they thought that it will only occurs on older people. This is also one of the reasons why there is possibility that this case can increase significantly in the future. By doing screening as soon as possible, and if according to this process, they found the cancer symptoms; they can cure and treat it before it’s too late. Now, maybe it’s not a can a young person get colon cancer question that we need to ask. But, can we prevent it?

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