What's The Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Here are Some Sign of Colon Cancer

What's the symptoms of colon cancer? Colon cancer as the common 3 cancer that attack most of people today, of course become main attention. And, it’s normal if you want to know the symptoms of this health problem. By knowing the symptoms, you can use it to decide when you need to get treatment and cure your colon cancer. This is also important reference and information, so, if you have family or friend that shows that symptoms, you can easily help them to get the treatment that they need. So, what are the symptoms for this cancer? 

What's The Symptoms of Colon Cancer

The first thing that you need to notice is the stool. In most of colon cancer case, there is no consistency of your stool shape and hardness. It happens for more than four weeks. This condition usually is caused by the change of your bowel habits. Your bowel will move and work differently because there is cancer in it. The other symptom is rectal bleeding. Usually, you can found it on your stool. There is some or lot of blood in it. What’s the symptoms of colon cancer that easiest to detect? 

The answer is the stomach or abdominal problem. Most of people that suffer for colon cancer will have abdominal problem, such as cramps or just feeling pain. The other sign is when you feel that you can’t empty your bowel completely. Even though you do it regularly, but still that you can’t do it completely, there is higher chance that you have some problem, from Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) and in the worst case, you get colon cancer. If you feel tired, weak or fatigue, this can also be categorized as one of the sign that you have colon cancer, especially if you don’t do any physical activity that need lot of energy. The last sign that you can notice is weight loss. Even though there is explanation about what's the symptoms of colon cancer you can get, it would be better, if you visit your doctor to know more about your condition. That way you can get clear information and explanation about your condition. Of course, you also get the treatment that you need.

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