What Is Prostate Cancer and the Causes?

What Is Prostate Cancer and the Causes?

Surely you have known that prostate cancer only could be found in male. The fact is all cells in our body could turn into cancerous cells, what they need is the trigger to start the mutated cells to grow. So, what is prostate cancer and how the development of this cancer? The prostate cancer could be started in the prostate gland or affected by the spreading cancerous cells from other organs. That’s actually why cancer is considered to be dangerous medical condition, not because of the cancer cell itself but much more about the after effect of the spreading of cancerous cells that even healthy cells could be affected, damaged, destroyed and turned into cancerous cells as well.

What Is Prostate Cancer

What is Prostate Cancer and what the causes?

As mentioned above prostate cancer occurs in the prostate gland. It is started with a tiny alteration in the cell of prostate gland called PIN or prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia. The development if very slow and that’s why the majority of prostate cancer suffered by men over 50 and sometimes they don’t even aware that they have prostate cancer until they died or their doctor find it out for them. What is prostate cancer has been pointed out and how about the causes? The cause of prostate cancer is varies from age, genetic, unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet up to obesity.

When it comes to the symptom, prostate cancer occurs almost without symptoms that’s why most of people who are actually having this cancer don’t aware of it. However, if there are symptoms, they will be problem with the urine whether it is too often or the opposite, hard to urinate, blood found in the urine and painful, problem with erection and feel the pain during ejaculation. What is prostate cancer and why it is so difficult to be detected in the early stage? Well, the unique things about this cancer is when urinating is too often people are mistakenly it as symptoms of diabetes that’s why this kind of cancer is really hard to be detected in the early stages.

However, when the stages already reaches medium or even advance when the pain such as during ejaculation or when urinating already starts, that is when most people realize that there is some problem with their prostate and wondering the possibility of this prostate cancer. What is prostate cancer is a common knowledge in US since the most cases found there.

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