What is Breast Cancer ICD 10?

Here we’d like to talk about breast cancer ICD 10, which basically can be traced back to its root, connecting to such a concept as neoplasm. The latter refers to abnormal tissue growth which is the result of rapid division of cells. However, neoplasm is not cancer. It can be either non-cancerous or cancerous. Moreover, neoplasm can be fluid-filled and may be malignant or benign. Malignant is cancerous, means that came from abnormal cells that growth rapidly and spread to other part of body without control. In one side, benign neoplasm is not cancerous and is not spread surround tissue. It may grow larger but can be treated with surgery, for example. 

Breast Cancer ICD 10

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If you want to know which cancer that becomes common in the USA, it is breast cancer. About 12 % women (or 1 out of 8 women) in the USA will have a breast cancer during their lifetime. Statistics from the American Cancer Society given us three estimation of the breast cancer in 2016:

1.    In 2016, 40,450 women in USA will die due to breast cancer.

2.    New cases, or about 61,000 cases, of CIS will be diagnosed in the USA alone, particularly in women.

3.    New cases, or about 246,660 cases, of invasive breast cancer will be suspected to women. 

In short, breast cancer ICD 10 refers to a coding system which helps doctor or specialist defining the disease and the signs, symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances and external causes of injury or illness. Neoplasm is placed from C00-D48 within such coding system. So if breast cancer is defined as benign, it is non-cancerous. On the contrary, it defines as cancerous when the tumor (which is not cancer) spread to other organ within the same body. If the latter happened, then cancer may be treated using adjunct treatments or surgery. Malignant neoplasm also being classified into two types: secondary and primary. It is primary when point of origin has been defined, whereas it is secondary when the cancer has spread to another organ within the same body.

When examine a patient who is suspected of having breast cancer, a doctor or specialist will follow the guide as been explained by ICD 10. From which point, people who have general or specific symptoms of cancer should not be worried as some symptoms may be caused by medical treatment. That’s why it is important for us to learn about breast cancer ICD 10 so that we know how to deal with characteristic of neoplasm.

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