What Does Colon Cancer Look Like in the Lining of the Larger Intestine?

What does colon cancer look like is a question for the first time people who really curious about this cancer. Probably, they only know about the symptoms and sometimes they only know by seeing the colon cancer sufferers. So, let’s find out about colon cancer so you know it looks like. 
What does colon cancer look like

Colon Cancer Test in Earlier Stage

When you go to the doctor and ask for colon cancer test, the doctor will analyze your lining of the larger intestine. The lining of the larger intestine is known as colon. If there is something or known as cancer cell growth in the lining of the larger intestine, it means you are diagnosed as colon cancer sufferer. Whether you are man or woman, you still have the same risk to suffer from colon cancer. In fact, colon cancer is considered as the second highest cause of death in U.S. 

Polyp which Growth into Colon Cancer

In the earlier stage, it is not in the form of cancer cell. What does colon cancer look like in the earlier stage is only like a polyp. If you don’t treat this small polyp, there is a possibility that it grows into cancer. The earlier the stage the hope to cure it is bigger. It becomes a problem if you don’t realize and it grows until stage 4. It is very dangerous and deathly. 

The Different Causes of Colon Cancer

The polyp is only one of the main factors. There are also uncontrolled factors which trigger colon cancer. For example, if you don’t keep your health, the risk of suffered from colon cancer is bigger in your elderly period. If you are suffered from inflammatory bowel disease for long period of time, it triggers colon cancer. There is also a case that if you have a family with colon cancer, it means you have big possibility to be suffered the same cancer. To take care of your health and free from the colon cancer risks, you have to stop your bad lifestyle such as eating too much processed meat, junk foods, smoking, and drinking alcohol. Just change it into healthy lifestyle such as eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, doing exercise regularly, and many more. Hopefully, this short explanation clearly shows to you what does colon cancer look like.

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