What Causes Colon Cancer In Younger Men

Here are Few Causes of Colon Cancer Case in Younger Men 

What causes colon cancer in younger men - Colon cancer is one of dangerous cancer that everyone can get. The colon cancer happens because there is mutated cell on your colon. And if this happen, you won’t only feel hurt. But, it also can give more health problem for your body. Most of colon cancer case happen on older people, around age 50 years old or more. However, today, there are many researches that found that many colon cancers case happen on people with younger age. In fact, there is also research that found in 2030, there will be increase in the case of colon cancer on younger age 90% more than today. Now, the important question is what causes colon cancer in younger men

what causes colon cancer in younger men

There are several causes that can make this cancer happen to young people. First is Familial adenomatous polyposis. It can happen because the younger men have different condition on their colon, usually there is abnormal growth of polyps inside. The other cause is cancer family syndrome or lynch syndrome. It’s related to the genetic condition of the patient. Usually, patient with family that has history of cancer has higher risk to develop the colorectal cancer on younger age. The next cause is Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). It’s very rare case; however it is common case for Caucasian. If people suffer IBD for long time, there is higher chance that it will turn into colon cancer. The rarest cause is sporadic mutation. Mostly it happen when your cell has mutated when it’s duplicated to develop new tissue or fix the damaged tissue. Unfortunately, until now, there is no research that can find the cause of this mutation. This is also the reason why there are still many things that we need to search about the answer for what causes colon cancer in younger men question. 

Now, after understanding the cause of colon cancer, what younger men need to do today is having routine screening process to detect the colon cancer in earlier stage as soon as possible. That way, regardless what causes colon cancer in younger men, there is still a way to cure and heal it.

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