Stage 4 Colon Cancer Life Expectancy with Chemotherapy

Important Things about Stage 4 Colon Cancer Life Expectancy with Chemotherapy 

Stage 4 Colon Cancer Life Expectancy

Stage 4 colon cancer life expectancy is a hard issue. This is because stage 4 colon cancer is the worse stage. In this stage, the cancer has been spread into several vital organs. Because of that, the life expectancy is lower than the earlier stage. Even some experts said that there is no hope on stage 4 colon cancer sufferers. There are still pros and cons and you don’t have to speculate about it. Hopefully, the explanation below helps you to understand about stage 4 colon cancer life expectancy. 

Low Survival Rate of Stage 4 Colon Cancer 

Based on the recent research, stage 4 colon cancer life expectancy is the shortest. In fact, the survival rate is only 11%. The reason is mainly because of the spreading of the cancer itself. In stage 4 colon cancer, the cancer has been spreading into several vital organs. Those are including liver, lungs, bones, and lymph nodes. The sufferers of stage 4 colon cancer are divided into two. First is known as the sufferers with widespread or metastatic cancer. This type of condition can’t be treated with surgery. Second is known as the sufferers with metastatic to a single site cancer. 

The Possible Treatment to Longer the Stage 4 Colon Cancer Life Expectancy 

Having low survival expectancy it doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything to remove the cancer. Definitely, you should increase your spirit so you can increase your own life expectancy although you are suffered from stage 4 colon cancer. If it is impossible for you to take surgery procedure, your doctor will gives you different suggestion. For example, you are able to take colon cancer chemotherapy. This is considered as the best option to kill the cancer cells. In this procedure, you will be treated with a specific drug which can bind the cancer cell. As the result, the cancer cell can’t grow and spread into different organ inside your body. It works by reducing the blood support to the cancer cell so it becomes weaker and die. If the cancer cell is able to be removed the doctor advice you to do surgery procedure. Commonly, surgery procedure is given to those who are suffered from colon cancer metastatic to a single site. It hopes that this treatment longer the stage 4 colon cancer life expectancy.