Signs of Colon Cancer in Young Women You Should Know before Taking Screening Test

Signs of colon cancer in young women are what you need to worry about. In fact, suffering from colon cancer can disturb your daily activity. Earlier screening is a must so you know your health condition. From the screening, you can make sure that there are no signs of colon cancer in you. Even if there is a sign, you can treat it right away to prevent serious risks and you can free from this cancer. So, what are the signs of colon cancer in young women? 
Signs of colon cancer in young women

The General Signs of Colon Cancer in Young Women

There are several signs of colon cancer in young women you should consider. You have to consider those signs because if you let them, it can increase to the next level and it means you have to face higher stage of colon cancer. For example, you have to consider about your unusual bowel habits. There is case that you are suffered from diarrhea, constipation, or something changes in the stool in a few days and it becomes worse. Sometimes, you can’t control your bowel movement and it is uncomfortable for you. In serious case, you will be suffered from rectal bleeding and your stool will be darker because there is blood in the stool. Don’t underestimate regular belly pain or cramping because it can be one of the signs of colon cancer in young women. If you don’t do anything, you will be lost your weight without any specific reason. As time goes by, you will become weaker. 

Early Medical Treatment for Colon Cancer in Young Women

Those signs are general signs of colon cancer. To make sure whether you are suffered from colon cancer or not, you have to take screening test. The younger your age the better to take screening test especially if you are coming from a family which has a colon cancer history. It is important to know the cancer earlier to longer the survival rate. During the screening test, your doctor will find something suspicious. It is combined along with the signs you feel and your family health history. In this test, you will get physical test in which the doctor feels your abdomen up to blood test. Colonoscopy, X-ray, and CT scan are also types of tests you need to follow. So just go to the doctor if you feel the signs of colon cancer in young women above.