Pellet Stool and Colon Cancer

Do you have colon cancer? Actually, this is common question that you can ask to anyone today. The reason is colon cancer is the common cancer you can find today that attack most of people. More than that, the lifestyle of today’s society, where most of them eat unhealthy and instant food also becomes the reason why there are many people that get this cancer. And, it also works on you. To know if you have possibility that you get colon cancer is by looking at your stool shape. In many cases, the sign of colon cancer can be seen by stool shape. This is what is called pellet stool colon cancer

Pellet stool colon cancer

In many cases, the problem starts with hard stool and constipation. This is happen because your bowel can’t work like it should be. This will cause the feces can’t be excreted completely. This way the stool will become hard and difficult to excrete. Then, after that, the bowel will try to adapt with condition and try to make the stool smoother and it become pellet-like shape. If it happens and the stool isn’t hard, we can say that it’s still okay for you. However, if you found that your stool is like pellet and it’s hard, there is higher chance that this is what we called as the pellet stool colon cancer symptoms. This is common symptoms that you can found on the colon cancer patient. With the different shape or tissue that is developed inside your colon, which is caused by the cancer, it will make your bowel unable to work normally. The effect will be shown on the shape of your stool. 

However, it doesn’t matter, if you have pellet stool, you are also having colon cancer. If it happen, there is also chance that your diet is lack of fiber. Therefore, it’s important if you visit your doctor regularly to know what really happen on your body is. That way you will know if you have pellet stool colon cancer and get the treatment as soon as possible. And, that will give you higher chance to heal and cured from this problem.

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