Learn These Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms

When inflammatory breast cancer symptoms occur, those will be the sign that a person has to take care of the cancer immediately. This type of cancer develops quickly and will show a number of symptoms and signs, including:

1)    The breast is getting harder
2)    Ridging (or pitting) the breast skin will make it look like orange peel
3)    Swelling/edema of the breast skin
4)    Redness in 1/3 of the breast
5)    Breast warmth

Talking about the symptoms, the breast may also be itchy, painful or tender. One breast can feel heavier than the other and the both breast may feel warm when a person touches it. The edema or skin swelling will cause one breast to have a larger appearance than the other one. If inflammatory breast cancer symptoms occur, the breast skin will feel like it has a texture of orange peel. The nipple, on the other hand, will become inverted too.  

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms

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Inflammatory breast cancer is different from the common breast cancer. Reason is simple: the symptoms are different too. In most cases, there is no breast lump and it won’t show up when a woman check it on a mammogram. Due to such reason, inflammatory breast cancer became harder to diagnose. The disease also tends to develop at a younger. An African-American woman tends to have a higher risk than a white woman, according to statistics. Women with such a problem as obese also have a higher risk of inflammatory breast cancer.  

Furthermore, there also other symptoms that could possibly occur and they are itching, warmth, redness, and tenderness. These are common compared to any other symptoms mentioned above. When someone comes to a doctor and s/he says that these symptoms are annoying, some antibiotics will be given by a doctor. However, if s/he is not getting better in 7 to 10 days, several tests must have done in order to look the sign of cancer.

Inflammatory breast cancer spreads so quickly by the time a patient notices its symptoms. However, when these signs come it doesn’t mean inflammatory breast cancer exists. It is just that you have to see a doctor right away when one of these signs occurs. Don’t come to one doctor only as you may need to earn a second opinion. The patient may also ask a specialist when one of inflammatory breast cancer symptoms occur.

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