Four Different Types of Skin Cancer

This article would like to talk about different types of skin cancer, which may be varied depend on specific condition. Before we get into that, you need to know that skin cells can grow abnormally and this is how we define skin cancer. Most of the disease develops on areas that often exposed to the sun’s rays. People with lighter skin which sunburn easily tend to have a higher risk, although skin cancer could affect all people regardless of their races and colors.

Different types of skin cancer

Understanding Different types of Skin Cancer

All people have a chance to get skin cancer, regardless of their skin color. Statistics said that one among five Americans will develop the cancer in their lifetime. However, skin cancer is highly treatable especially if it is caught early. So it is important for you to detect skin cancer as early as possible. You can do that by bending elbows and examine a few parts such as palms, upper underarms, and forearms carefully. Next, you have to examine your body back and front in the mirror, then look at the left and right sides; don’t forget to raise your arms.

There are four different types of skin cancer:

1) Melanoma
This one is the deadliest type of skin cancer. It could suddenly appear as a dark spot in certain areas of the skin; or else, it could develop in a mole. Because this type is very dangerous, early treatment and diagnosis are crucial.

2) Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)

This type often develops in lighter-skinned people although this type will also occur in those with darker skin. SCC looks like a sore, scaly patch, or a red firm bump. This type of skin cancer tends to occur on the back, chest, arms, neck, face, or ear, as well as other part that often gets exposed by the sun.

3) Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

This is the most common type of skin cancer, which frequently occurs in darker or fair skin. The cancer develops if a person is having frequently exposed to indoor tanning or sun exposure. The form of cancer looks like a pinkish patch or a flesh-colored.

4) Actinic Keratosis

People with fair skin tend to have this type of skin cancer. The cancer also occur in a few spot that frequently get lots of sun exposure, such as forearms, hands, neck, and head.

All four different types of skin cancer need to be considered carefully, especially by those who are often exposed to sunlight for a long time.

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