Can Teenagers Get Colon Cancer Caused by Their Lifestyle?

Can teenagers get colon cancer is a serious question to answer. Some people think that colon cancer can only attacked adult and elderly. In fact, some people around 50 years old become the sufferers of colon cancer. Actually, it is not always and you have to careful because teenagers may suffer from colon cancer. Let’s check the detail further from the information below. 
Can Teenagers Get Colon Cancer

The Possibility of Teenagers Suffered from Colon Cancer 

Based on the research, there is also a big possibility that teenagers are suffered from colon cancer. Even, the percentage is increased year by year. It is shown that there are some teenagers around 15 years old up to 39 years old attacked colon cancer. The cause can be your genetic factor but it is not always. The most important thing is that you have to go to the doctor and consult about the symptoms. If it is necessary, you can ask to do colon cancer screening test. There are several factors which can trigger colon cancer. Let say, you love to eat junk foods from younger age and you are suffered from obesity. This condition triggers colon cancer. It is the same case if you are smoking and drinking alcohol. So, genetic factor is not the only thing which can trigger colon cancer. So, can teenagers get colon cancer? Yes! 

The Reason of Colon Cancer in Teenagers 

There is still unclear reason why there is a significant improvement of the teenagers who are suffered from colon cancer. But most experts believe that it is because of their bad lifestyle. For example, it is easy for teenagers to eat any kind of foods along with processed meat. Moreover, teenagers who tend to drink some soft drinks along with artificial sweetener have bigger risk to have colon cancer. Because of that, you are asked to change your bad habit into healthy habit as soon as possible. While you are younger, just try to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and any kind of healthy foods. Then, combine it with regular exercise. Try to reduce your stress tension and living in a healthy environment. Those simple activities are believed as the way to reduce colon cancer risk. In the end, your question about can teenager get colon cancer is clearly answered.

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