What Is Cancer: Get the Answer

What is cancer? It is actually the excessive cells that grow in one organ and can affect and damage the normal cells in that organ. It is true that every organ contains cells that grow. Those cells are meant to play the role in the function of the organ. When they are no longer use, the cells will die. Yet, there are some cases that the cells do not die and keep growing excessively. These excessive cells are divided into two; benign and malignant. Benign is when the cells are not dangerous. It means that the excessive cells grow in a very shortly and do not spread to the other areas. This is what is called as tumors.


Malignant is when the excessive cells grow very rapidly that makes they spread to the other lymph nodes or organs. This is what is called as cancer. What is cancer? It is the malignant cells. Benign is actually the pre-cancerous cells. Cancer is dangerous and complex. What is cancer symptom? It is the signal that your body gives to let you know that there are the abnormal things. The symptoms are different based on the type of the cancer. Yet, generally they are fever, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, and changes in skin.


What is cancer stage? There are some stages of the cancer. It will show you the acuteness of the cancer. In stage I, the cancerous cells may not be visible unless they are seen under a microscope. In stage II, the cancerous cells start to be visible. Yet, they are still in one location. It means that they have not widespread yet. In stage III, the cancerous cells have widespread to the nearest lymph nodes. And the last stage IV, it is also known as terminal stadium, where the cancerous cells have widespread to the other organs, even the distant organs. What is cancer? It can be divided based on the stage.

When it comes to the treatment, it actually depends on the stage of the cancer. If the stages are still early, the recommended treatment is surgery. Surgery is meant to remove the cancerous cells in one area. On the contrary, if the stages are the advanced ones, then the recommended treatments are chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, radiosurgery, and such. It is because the cells have widespread to many areas that it is impossible to remove them. The therapies are meant to be directed to the cells and manage them. What is cancer can be answered by those basic explanations.

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