What Causes Cancer: Get the Info

What causes cancer is actually various. It depends on the types of the cancer and the people who have it. Yet, you should also know that there are several general causes. These general causes are useful for you, so that you can get the prevention steps to avoid yourself of having cancer. Cancer is actually a complex thing. It is a condition where there is excessive cells growth that affects and damages the normal cells. The cancerous cells can grow in one certain organ. Or, if it has reached the advanced stage, the cancerous cells can travel to the other lymph nodes or organs. 

What Causes Cancer

General Causes of cancer: Genetics

What causes cancer disease can also be determined based on the general causes. First, it is genes. It is because there are some types of cancer that run in the families. It is hereditary. You should be careful if your parents suffer from cancer, because you have the higher chance than anybody to have cancer. Regardless, you should also know that in some cases of cancer, they cannot be vividly linked to the genes from your parents. This is when you should learn more about the complexity of cancer and what causes cancer in genes.

Other Causes of cancer

It is not only genes in what causes cancer. Tobacco can also be something in what causes cancer grows. It is because in tobacco there are many dangerous substances that will trigger the cancerous cells. That is why it is better for you to stop smoking from now on, especially if you have cancer history in your family. Next, you should know that obesity can also be the trigger of cancer. It is not only that, but there are some physical activities that may trigger cancerous cells to grow. For those who consume alcohol too much, you should also be very careful. 

Being exposed to UV light and sun can also play the great role in cancer. This is also the most common trigger of skin cancer. Yet, it is not only the trigger of skin cancer, but also the other types of cancer. That is why it is important for you to apply sun block whenever you feel like going outside. Still, there are many carcinogens that will lead to cancer. Keep in mind that even in your home, you can find that environmental causes that can be trigger of cancer. Be careful, pollutions can also play the great role in what causes cancer.

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