Skin Cancer Statistics: Get the Facts

Skin cancer statistics will show you the facts about the survivors, the survival rate, the patients, the gender, and such. All of them are useful to make you prevent the disease and get the prognosis. First, you should know what skin cancer is. It is actually the most common type of cancer in many countries. The common types of skin cancer are squamous cells carcinoma and basal cell. Those types are known as the ones that have the higher chance to be cured. The basic skin cancer statistic rates will show you that 65% to 90% the cause of skin cancer is ultraviolet light.

Skin Cancer Statistics


According to the research in 2008, in US showing skin cancer statistics gender, there were 59,695 people who suffered from skin cancer. Those amounts of people include 25,211 women and 38,484 men. And when it comes to the death rate, there were 8,623 who were died because of skin cancer; it was 2,951 women and 5,672 men. From skin cancer statistics aforementioned, you can conclude that most of the patients of melanoma are men. Being men can also be the trigger of skin cancer. That is why for men, it is important to have the prevention steps to avoid you of having this disease.


Based on the skin cancer statistics, the common ethnicity that is attacked by melanoma is white people. The second most common ones are Hispanic, Alaska native people, and Indian of American. Asian is in the third place, while in the last place is black people. From that, you can conclude that being white makes you have the higher chance to be attacked by melanoma. It is because the white skins have less substance in the skin that is meant to protect you from UV light. That is why black people are the least common people who have skin cancer, because in black skin, that useful substance is plenty.

It shows you that being male and white will make you have the higher chance of having skin cancer. You should also know that in the statistic, the white people are more likely to not survive in skin cancer than the other ethnicity. White people have the highest death rate of melanoma. That is why when you are male and white, you should be really careful. There are some steps that you should take to avoid yourself of suffering from melanoma. That is what the skin cancer statistics are for, to make you get the prevention steps.

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