Prostate Cancer Cure: Get the Options

Prostate cancer cure actually depends on some factors, like the age, lifestyle considerations, the stage of the cancer, and such. You may have known that there are many treatments in prostate cancer. Each of them has its own pros and cons. It is the doctor to determine which kind of treatment that will suit you best. That does not mean that you cannot determine the treatment that you like. Yet, you still need the doctor to guide you choose the cure. Prostate cancer cure options commonly should be considered based on the stage of the cancer.

Prostate Cancer Cure

Early Stage of Prostate Cancer

The early stage of prostate cancer is the cancerous cells that do not widespread and have not metastasized. This is the most curable prostate cancer. There are three kinds of options in early prostate cancer cure. The first one is surgery. The surgery will be useful to completely remove the cancerous cells in the prostate. Radiation therapy is also recommended. The last one is active surveillance. It is actually not the prostate cancer cure, because in this case the doctor will just have to wait and watch the disease. You should also know that the choice of those treatments should be chosen based on your age, lifestyle, and grades.

The Side Effects of Prostate Cancer

You should know that surgery and radiation therapy has its own pros and cons. When it comes to surgery in prostate cancer cure, the side effects will commonly occur. Even the most experienced surgeon will not avoid the side effects that may occur. The most common side effect is erectile dysfunction. It is true that there are some surgeons that use nerve sparing technique. Yet, that does not mean that this technique will completely remove the erectile dysfunction after the surgery. And, this technique is not recommended for those who have tumors near the nerves, or the tumors are considerably large.

One thing you should know, this side effect may improve after some time. It means that there are many cases that men who have experienced prostate cancer surgery will have the normal erectile function for about one year after the surgery. There are also some medicines that can be used to help you with this side effect condition, like Viagra, levitra, and such. Urinary incontinence may also occur after the surgery. Yet, this side effect will also be better after some time. Prostate cancer cure indeed have side effects, yet it can be better after a while.

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