Pancreatic Cancer Stages: Get the Symptoms

Pancreatic cancer stages consist of from 1-4. The first stage is less dangerous than the higher stages. You should know that when pancreatic cancer is detected while it is still in the early stage, then it has the chance to be completely cured. That is why it is important for you to know the symptoms of each stage, so that you can be sure when the time is for you to visit your doctor. First, you have to know that when you have pancreatic cancer, it means that there are the excessive cells groin your pancreas. 

Pancreatic Cancer Stages

Pancreatic Cancer Stages: the Types

There are two types of pancreatic cancer. The first one is exocrine cancer of pancreas. It is the cancerous cells that attack the part of pancreas producing enzymes. The second one is endocrine cancer of pancreas. It is the cancerous cells that attack the part of pancreas producing insulin. In fact, the latter is rare and seldom happen compared by the former. Exocrine cancer attacks the duct of pancreas as the place for the enzymes to flow. Pancreatic cancer stages can be detected early in both kinds of cancer. You should notice the early pancreatic cancer stages symptoms.

Pancreatic Cancer Stages

Pancreatic Cancer Stages: the Symptoms

Due to the fact the pancreas is located deep in the stomach; the first months of cancer appearance may be undetected. The symptoms can be felt once the tumor or cancerous cells have grown larger. It is because when the tumor has grown larger, it presses the nerves and cause pain. It can also press the intestines that can cause nausea and losing appetite. It can also make you lose more weight. When the tumor presses the ducts of bile, it can also make jaundice and even itching. Those are the mid pancreatic cancer stages that should be examined soon.

In fact, there are various symptoms of pancreatic cancer stages. It depends on the location where the cancerous cells have been metastasized. It is when the cancerous cells spread to the other lymph systems or vital organs. Commonly, it metastasizes to liver, abdomen lining, and also lymph nodes.

Pancreatic cancer stages treatment is also various. When the cell is still in one location, you can have surgery to completely remove it. If it has been metastasized to the other lymph systems, surgery can also be the best choice. However, if the cell has spread to the other vital organs, then chemotherapy and radiation can be the best treatment in pancreatic cancer stages.