Pancreatic Cancer Diet: Know the Foods

Pancreatic cancer diet will affect your eating habit. It is because pancreas is the organ that manages digestion. It means that when you have damaged pancreas, you will also have to change your eating habit. In spite of your stage of cancer, diet is a must. It is because the pancreas produces enzymes and insulin that are useful in digesting food. If you experience surgery as the treatment and part of your pancreas or all of them are removed, you will experience the digestive problems. And as the result, they also have to consume the insulin to manage the blood sugar. Enzymes are also consumed to help the organ in digesting food.

Pancreatic Cancer Diet

Blood Sugar for Pancreatic Cancer Diet

It is important to check the blood sugar in the patients of pancreatic cancer. The doctor will test your blood and see the level of your blood sugar. If it is high, it means that the insulin production is not yet right. It means that the insulin therapy you have should be reduced. If you have to take insulin, it is also important to check the level blood sugar first. It is useful to know how much content of the sugar in your blood, so that the dose of the insulin can be given. Insulin is something you have to have besides pancreatic cancer diet.

Pancreatic cancer diet snack

Meals and Snacks for Pancreatic Cancer Diet

In pancreatic cancer diet, you should have small meals all along the day instead of the normal meal time with normal portion. Pancreatic cancer diet meal includes yoghurts, fresh fruits, cheese, cereal, milky drinks, and instant soups. The patients will still be able to consume snacks like normal people. Pancreatic cancer diet snacks include soft puddings, dried fruit, chocolate, nuts, crisps, and flapjacks. Keep in mind that it is also important for you to visit the dietician to get the right portion of your meals. You should also set the enzyme dose in a time to get the proper level. Those things can be helped by the dietician.

Another thing you should know is the patients will commonly find it hard to digest the fat. However, you need the fat to increase the sugar blood level. This is reason why you should take the snacks whenever you want to eat, and the snacks should be the ones that contain high fat. It is meant to give you the most calories. Keep in mind that the food list aforementioned may not be suitable with your digestion system. Yet, it is worth your try. It is still important to visit the dietician to get the proper meal for pancreatic cancer diet in your case.

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