Pancreatic Cancer Causes: Get the Facts

Pancreatic cancer causes may be various. It is because to cause the live of cancerous cells, you need several triggers that are combined together to make them grow excessively. First, you have to know the type of pancreatic cancer. There are two types of it. The first one is endocrine pancreatic cancer. It is the cancerous cells that grow and attack the part of the pancreas that produces insulin. However, it is a rare type of pancreatic cancer. The second one is exocrine pancreatic cancer. It is the cancerous cells that grow and attack the part of the pancreas that produces enzyme. 

Pancreatic cancer causes

Pancreatic Cancer Causes and Symptoms

And for pancreatic cancer causes, you can find that the improper diet, smoking habit, and even gender can cause the live of the cancerous cells. You should know that male has the higher risk to have pancreatic cancer than female. Moreover, this kind of cancer commonly attacks those who are older, more than 60. Another cause, though rare, is gene. It is important to tell your doctor whether there is your family member that was attacked by cancer or not. Smoking habit can also cause pancreatic cancer. When it comes to the symptoms, pancreatic causes and symptoms are not classified based on one cause since the symptoms are actually the same in any pancreatic cancer patients. 

Pancreatic Cancer Causes: the Diseases

You should also know that people who have the certain history of diseases may have the higher risk being attacked by pancreatic cancer. You should be aware if you have history of diabetes, inflammation pancreas that has already been chronic, and obesity. According to the research, having stomach surgery may also be one of the pancreatic cancer causes since stomach surgery can cause chronic infection.

When it comes to pancreatic cancer causes and treatment, in fact the treatment is based on the stage of the cancer. If the pancreatic cancer is in stage 1 and 2, then the best treatment is surgery since you still have the chance to get it completely removed from your pancreas by surgery regardless the pancreatic cancer causes.

However, when the pancreatic cancer has already been in stage 3, it means that is has metastasized. The best treatment is radiation. And for the last stage of cancer, stage 4, the common treatment is chemotherapy. It is important for you to visit your doctor once you have found abnormalities in your body. It is also important to prevent every possibility of pancreatic cancer causes.

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