Esophagus Cancer Symptoms and Treatments

Esophagus cancer is like other cancer types which are included into devastating diseases. If kidney cancer is able to be detected from bloody urine, the cancer of esophagus can be known from the bloody cough. For a hard smoker, you have to be careful with this type of cancer. Knowing the symptoms of the cancer is really important to do so that you are able to know whether you are positive with it or not. There are many sources that you are able to go for to dig information about the cancer. Then, about two things that you have to know are symptoms and treatment of the cancer. Here is information that will enrich your knowledge about the cancer
Esophagus Cancer

Symptoms of Esophagus Cancer

There are some people who should be cautious about esophagus cancer symptoms. They are males, people who are sixty five or older, heavy smokers, alcoholics, frontal dieters with low fruits and vegetables, people with overweight and obesity, people with acid reflux, and people with barret esophagus. It is recommended for those who live with those risk factors to be cautious with esophagus cancer. They are able to know whether they are positive or not by knowing the symptoms. What are the symptoms that should be known by them?

You are able to be positively diagnosed as an esophagus cancer patient if you have some problems such as bloody cough, back or chest pain, rapid weight loss, hoarseness, pneumonia, hiccups, and also dysphagia. Dysphagia means when you are eating something, the food that you eat will be stuck in the esophagus. You are not able to swallow the foods. Then, the foods will come back up. 
Esophagus Cancer

Treatments of Esophagus Cancer

Esophagus cancer is categorized into adenocarcinoma and also squamous cell carcinoma. The first one commonly happens in the lower part of esophagus. The second one is that the cancer located in the upper part of the esophagus. Both of them are really dangerous. The patients of the cancer should get medical treatments soon. The possible esophagus cancer treatments are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. Some cases are possibly handled by combination of more than one treatment. However, the treatments given depend on some considerations. They are the symptoms, the types, the general health, and also the stages of the cancer. If you are cautious that you are positive of it, just discuss the possible treatments of esophagus cancer that you may get to the doctor.

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