Ductal Breast Cancer: A Type of Breast Cancer That People Should be Aware of

Ductal breast cancer can be said as one from two main types of breast cancer. While the other one of the types is known to be invasive breast cancer, this one is also known to be noninvasive breast cancer or ductal breast cancer in situ. What is actually this cancer? Is there any certain symptoms can be found in these types of cancer so that people can increase their awareness in relation to the disease? To find the answers of those questions, here is some information about the disease that might be beneficial for you to know. 
Ductal breast cancer

What Is Actually Ductal Breast Cancer?

A types of breast cancer which is known as ductal breast cancer can be explained like this. It is actually a breast cancer in which the cancer cells are not spreading but stay in the area which can be said as the origin of those cells. It means that the cells have not damaged some breast tissue around the origin area of the cells yet.

Ductal breast cancer itself is a noninvasive cancer which can be divided into some different categories. For example, there is Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) and also Lobular Carcinoma In Situ (LCIS). One thing which is found to be important in noninvasive breast cancer is that, if it is not treated properly, there is a different level of possibility for it to become an invasive breast cancer, which is surely more dangerous because the spreading of cancer cells will occur here. 
Ductal Breast Cancer

Common Symptoms of Ductal Breast Cancer and How to Treat It

Of course, there are some common ductal breast cancer symptoms can be found. Knowledge about all those common symptoms of ductal breast cancer is sure to be quite important both for men and women. It is something related to an undeniable fact that breast cancer is not only found in women, but also men. Although there is no lump formed in this type of cancer, it doesn’t mean that there are no symptoms that people should be aware of. Usually, the symptoms are pain feeling in breast and some kind of bloody liquid that comes out from nipple.

The early treatment that should be taken when those symptoms occur is sure to be mammogram. The function of doing mammogram test is to know whether or not the symptoms are parts of breast cancer or just something else. If unfortunately they are, some further medical treatment should of course be taken in order to stop the ductal breast cancer being worst.

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