Cancer Ribbon Tattoos: Pick Your Design

Cancer ribbon tattoos are the best way for you to have a campaign against cancer. It means that you have spread awareness of cancer. Commonly, this can be found in the survivors of cancers, the family of the patients, and people who are closely related to cancer. Knowing the danger of cancer, it is important for you to spread the awareness. You can commonly see the tattoos in the seminar, campaign, or any cancer organization. However, it will be also nice if you show your tattoo in public without any event to show that you really care. There are many cancer ribbon tattoos designs for you to choose. 
Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Cancer Ribbon Tattoos: Multiple and Cervical Cancer

The common cancer ribbon tattoos people usually find is “live”. That word is tattooed in one part of the body (commonly that can be shown to public), and the letter “l” and “e” are made like the ribbon form. It is the signs of multiple cancers. For cervical cancer ribbon, you can use tattoo formed in butterfly, and the body of the butterfly is the ribbon. The whole symbol of that is meant to symbolize uterus, cervix, fallopian tube, and women’s parts. 

Cancer Ribbon Tattoos: Brain and Breast Cancer

To get brain cancer ribbon tattoos, it is commonly formed in a ribbon that is combined with wings in both sides of the ribbon. You can also find skull image above it. All of the designs are made to spread awareness of brain cancer. When it comes to breast cancer, you can easily find it in the pink ribbon symbol. You can modify it by using the pink ribbon that is surrounded by cherry blossoms, or even the pink ribbon that is jagged in the holy cross. You can get many breast cancer ribbon tattoos ideas for this.

There are still many types and designs of cancer ribbon tattoos you can choose. You do not have to choose any special cancer to get your design. The designs and types can be modified based on your wish as long as you use that ribbon as the universal symbol of cancer.

And for the colors, you do not have to use pink as the color of the ribbon unless you want to symbolize breast cancer. You can also use black, blue, and even colorless for the ribbon. Make sure that the cancer ribbon tattoos you choose can be shown to public.

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