Cancer Ribbon Colors in Certain Type of Cancer

Cancer ribbon colors are meant for you to show your support and spread the awareness about cancer. There are many colors out there that were chosen as the awareness symbol of one certain type of cancer. With that, you can wear the ribbon in certain color to show your support for your loved ones who suffered or are suffering from cancer, or even for yourself if you are the patients of cancer. You can also use the slogan to motivate others and yourself in your shirt, hat, pin, or such while wearing the ribbon in certain color. Make sure you spread your awareness in the certain month in a year that is the national time of cancer awareness. 
Cancer ribbon colors

The Colors of Cancer Ribbon

One of the most popular cancer ribbon colors is pink, as the color awareness of breast cancer. Another color you should know is amber. It is the color awareness of appendix cancer. Purple, marigold, or blue is known as the color that will symbolize bladder cancer. Grey is the chosen color for brain cancer, so that you can wear the ribbon in grey to spread your awareness of brain cancer. The most unique one maybe the color awareness of carcinoid cancer; it is zebra stripes. White or teal is known as the color awareness of cervical cancer. For childhood cancer, it is gold that was chosen as the symbol. 

Know More of Cancer Ribbon

If you want to show your awareness and support for those who suffer from esophageal cancer, then you can wear periwinkle ribbon. For awareness of colon cancer, you can wear dark blue since it is the ribbon color for that type of cancer. For bladder cancer, it is green that was chosen as the symbol. Orange is known as the color for leukemia. Yet, you can also find that orange is the color for kidney cancer. Purple is the color for leiomyosarcoma. The other cancer ribbon colors are white for lung cancer, emerald green for liver cancer, lime green for lymphoma, and black for skin cancer.

If you want to show your support to any type of cancer, then you can wear universal cancer ribbon colors. Showing support is not only for the patient, but also for the caregivers. The caregivers’ cancer ribbon color is plum. The other colors you can get to know are the pink, teal, and blue for thyroid cancer, yellow for bone cancer, orchid for testicular cancer, and light blue for prostate cancer. Those are the cancer ribbon colors for you to know that you can wear ion the certain month of the cancer national day.