Cancer Awareness Month: Spread Your Support

Cancer awareness month is the certain time in a year for you to spread your support to those whose lives relate so much with cancer. You should know that in a year, each month is the month awareness for the certain type of cancer. That is why, if you want to show your support and awareness to the certain type of cancer, you can check cancer awareness month calendar. If you have someone in your life that suffers from the certain type of cancer, or even it is you as the individual with cancer, you can check the related type of cancer in cancer awareness month in a year. 

January to July

In the first year of the month, you will see that it is the cancer awareness month for cervical cancer. It means that in January, you can wear the ribbon with the color awareness of cervical cancer plus the slogan in your shirt or such to show your support. In February, you will find that this is the time as national cancer prevention. It means that in this time, you should spread the awareness to prevent others from cancer. March is the time for colorectal cancer and kidney cancer. April is the time for testicular cancer, neck and head cancer, and esophageal cancer. May is for melanoma and brain cancer. June is the time for those the survivors of cancer and also sarcoma cancer. July is the awareness time for bladder cancer. 

September to November 


In September, you will see that it is the cancer awareness month for gynecologic cancer, lymphoma cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, and also the cancer in childhood. October is the awareness month for liver cancer and breast cancer. And the last time of the year, November, is known as the awareness month for stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer. November is also the month as the national day for the family as the caregivers for those who suffer from cancer. 
Cancer Awareness Month

In those months, you can show your support in a forum or such. With that, you can be sure that you will motivate others to be more aware of their lives so that they can avoid having cancer. You will also motivate the caregivers to always have the optimistic vision. Motivating the patients is the most important thing in this time. If you are the patient yourself, then you can also motivate yourself to fight harder against the cancer. Those the cancer awareness month are for.

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