Cancer Awareness Color: Show Your Support

Cancer awareness color is different based on the cancer types. You can show your support to the certain type of cancer by wearing the ribbon in a certain color. Yet, there are also the universal colors that can be used for any type of cancer. Moreover, you can also use the slogan to fight against cancer in your t-shirt, hat, or such. Keep in mind that there are many slogans that you can choose out there. With this, you can be sure that you have shown the respect for the survivors, the patients, and even the family whose member suffered or is suffering from cancer. You can also wear this kind of awareness if you are the patient. 

Cancer awareness color

General Color

When it comes to general cancer awareness color, it means that you can wear that ribbon to show your support to the patients of any cancer. The general color is lavender. When you wear the lavender ribbon, it means that you have shown your support and spread the awareness of cancer. It is not only that, but multi-colored ribbon also means general symbol of cancer awareness. No matter what kind of outfits you are wearing, it would be nice to show your respect, support, and awareness for those who have related so much to cancer. You can motivate others and even motivate yourself if you are the individual with cancer with the cancer awareness color you are wearing.

The Other Colors

You should know that there are also the other specific colors for cancer. The most popular one is breast cancer awareness color. It is pink. Wearing pink ribbon means you have shown your support and awareness to those who relate so much with breast cancer. Amber is the color for appendix cancer. And for bladder cancer, the cancer awareness color is blue, marigold, and purple. When it comes to brain cancer, the awareness color is grey. The most unique one maybe carcinoid cancer since it is zebra stripes motif as the color awareness.

Cervical cancer uses white or teal as the symbol of awareness. If it is meant to show the support for cancer in childhood, then the cancer color is gold. Colon cancer is dark blue. And for esophageal cancer, it is periwinkle as the color awareness symbol. For bile duct cancer, the color that is chosen is green. Ivory or burgundy is the color for neck and head cancer. For kidney cancer, it is orange. Yet, orange is also used for leukemia awareness. White color is for lung cancer. Skin cancer uses black as the color. Check each of them to get the right cancer awareness color.

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