Breast Cancer Metastasis: Be Very Careful

Breast cancer metastasis is the condition where the breast cancer has spread to the other parts of your body, like lungs, liver, or even brain. It is actually a chronic condition. When you have your cancer metastasized, it means that the other parts of your body have been affected by the cancerous cells. It is the last stadium of breast cancer. Women with breast cancer that has been metastasized commonly survive for about five years. The doctors said that they could not cure it, but they tried to manage the cancer. The breast cancer metastasis treatment is meant to prolong the lives of the patients for a few years.

Breast cancer metastasis

Breast Cancer Metastasis: Hormone Therapies and Herceptin

When it comes to treatment options in breast cancer metastasis, commonly there are three options offered for you. The first one is hormonal therapies. The therapies are considerably safer than chemotherapy since they have fewer side effects. The therapies will control the cancerous cells that have been spread even better than the other aggressive treatments needed in this case. Yet, you should know that this treatment is only suitable for those who are positive in estrogen receptor. Herceptin is also the recommended treatment. It is the useful treatment to overcome the cancerous cells that excessively press her2 protein. According to the research, this treatment can prolong the survival time for about 13 months.

Breast Cancer Metastasis: Chemotherapy

Breast cancer metastasis


Chemotherapy is actually the common treatment for any metastasized cancer. This can be good for breast cancer metastasis to lungs or to the other organs. This is actually the aggressive treatment to control metastasized cancerous cells. The doctor usually combines chemotherapy with various drugs to breast cancer metastasis patients. Yet, you should also know that this treatment has many side effects. One of them is nausea and vomiting. You may also find hair loss.

Commonly, for breast cancer metastasis, the kind of chemotherapy used is the single one sequentially instead of the combination. It is meant to control the metastasized the cancerous cells while at the same time give minimal side effect to the patients.

When it comes to the drugs that are prescribed when someone is in chemotherapy, you should know that the drugs may be various. Yet, the most common one that is prescribed is Xeloda. It gives long last effects. This medicine can be taken to home of the patients of breast cancer metastasis.

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